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    Slimming Factor Xian Zhi Su G2

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Slimming factor is based on CLA as the main protein nutrients of raw materials with a variety of natural plants, the use of modern high-tech technology from the ultra-refined concentrate weight loss capsules.
Slimming factor can inhibit fat cell size, has been promoting the formation of fat-burning decomposition,security rapid weight loss to achieve the purpose

Ingredient: the root of kudzu vine, Semen Coicis, hawthorn, medlar, cassia seed, Gypenoside, Camelliasinensis Tags

Specification:60capsules/bottel,2 bottle for 1 box

Usage:Take 4 capsules per time (2 capsules from each bottle), 3 times a day ( 12 capsules in total within one day)

Storage: Store in a cool room temperature, dry place.

Keep out of reach Children.
Not intended for use by persons under 18years of age.
Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating.
If you have heart disease or high blood pressure
Success Stories  Reviews
  • Betty Quintana

    I have tried everything ... And I mean everything and these pills are the only thing that really suppress my appetite. I have lost 33 lbs in 3 months and need about 20 lbs to go. I just need to find out how much longer I can safely take these pills.
  • Colleen Kalb

    This is a great appetite suppressant. I no longer have the urge to constantly snack. I like the fact that you just take one pill a day unlike so many other products I have tried. The only side effect I had was dry mouth. But having to drink more water is a good thing. I have only lost a few pounds so far, but surprisingly, I have lost inches.
  • Kelly

    This weight loss pill really surprised me, it actually worked for me. Nothing else ever had. I was hesitant at first but after the good reviews I heard about it and a little reasearch, I went for it. As long as you take it how you're supposed to the xian zi shu will work for you.
  • Lea

    I have tried several !! This one did the trick, I also only like having to take 1 tablet daily.... This is a must try product.
  • K. Garton

    This is a good healthy alternative to prescription appetite suppressant pills. I will definitely order again. I found that after taking it for a a couple of weeks I don't notice the "effects" anymore but I sure notice that I am losing weight...slowly but steadily. I am also using the EZ Weight Loss tea at night with the slimming factor. The teas are amazing too and I already notice inches gone!
  • Mary

    I could not be more impresssed with a weight loss product. Finally something that does what it promised, and I only have to take one supplement a day.
  • Lisa Fortuna

    Curbed my appetite, provided LOTS of energy. If you are looking to lose weight this product will be very helpful. Will most definetely purchase again.
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